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Neika’s Profile

As a young aspiring International Reggae/Dancehall Artist, Shanee Lambert aka Neika was introduced to Omar “Smartkid” Currie, CEO of Smartkid Recording Studios, by Jamari Smith aka DJ-Jam Jam. She was very excited but lacked confidence as he requested her to audition in the presence of International Reggae Super Star Lutan Fyah and others. Her talent was however recognized and Smartkid took the decision to produce a track with her.

Neika was born on December 23, 1996, and grew up in 3East Chedwin, Greater Portmore, St. Catherine, Jamaica. She was an avid Sabbath worshiper where she not only sung on the church choir but

also participated in many of the churchs activities. She composed her first song when she was only eight (8) years old and with the strong encouragement of her grandmother, Yvonne Beckford Bennett, commenced piano lessons at the age of ten (10) years. This experience assisted her to further develop her musical passion, as her knowledge of notes and sounds were heightened. She recorded her first demo when she was thirteen (13) years old. Neika worked with a few producers, but the way she envisioned her musical journey was not progressing as she expected and this led her to seek out other avenues.

After graduating from Willowdene High School and having a passion for Fashion Designing, Neika attended Annie Gee's Fashion School where she successfully completed her studies. She intends to have her own clothing line in the near future and this coupled with her ambition to become an accomplished recording artist/musician can only be an asset, as music and fashion are intertwined and indeed the order of the day.

As Neika proceeded on her musical journey, her love for music became entrenched in her entire being and the exposure she gained gave her the ability to “play by ear” and not restricted to only having the capability to play the piano by sheet music. She is now recording her music on a professional level and is signed and managed by Smartkid Records label. She refuses to just be an ordinary artist, and so has decided to attempt recording her songs with a difference!

Stay tuned to Neikas music!!!